We develop and apply Artificial Intelligence to Latam’s industries

We have the team, infrastructure, partnerships and know-how to bring the AI economy to our region.

We use technology to your advantage

Through our innovative solutions and deep knowledge in digital transformation, our team is able to solve your business problems. Here are some examples:

We are specialists delivering industries value over Artificial Inteligence

Digevo has been driving cutting-edge technology in the region since 1997.

We have an AI talented team since 2016.

We have our own state-of-the-art models and algorithms to solve all kinds of problems.

We have strategic partners with technology leaders such as NVIDIA, Microsoft, OpenAI, AWS, IBM, Google.

We have a large computing capacity and extensive regional coverage networks.

We designed a successful company building model with a solid track record of new businesses creation.

Our most disruptives Artificial Inteligence powered products

Through our innovative solutions and deep knowledge in digital transformation, our team was able to solve business problems.





The opportunity to boost your business with Artificial Inteligence is now and Digevo is the key partner to make it happen.

Our Board of Directors has innovation and applied technology vast experience

Executive management and CEO’s


Ph.D. in Technology Strategy and Management at MIT Sloan School of Management. +30 years of experience in Strategy and Innovation worldwide.

+30 years of experience managing IT companies for multiple sectors such as Banking, Retail and Mining. Stands out in Digital Transformation and Corporate Governance. Former CEO Microsoft Chile and Compaq Latin America.

MS in Management at MIT. Expert in innovation and entrepreneurship, international networks and startup-company matchmaking. Former Director of Startup Chile and former Manager of Innova Chile.


MBA y MPhil – Cambridge University. Founder of KiosClub and Executive Director of Zeus Capital.

Ph. D. in Operations Research from Columbia University. Consultant in strategy, technology, innovation and human capital management. Director of the MBA-UC.

MSc Behavioral Economics at University of London. Expert in Human-AI Interaction from a psychological perspective. Exo Coach.

More than 30 years directing technological development areas. Cybersecurity expert, serial entrepreneur. Former General Manager of Medimax Chile. Electronic Civil Engineer from USM.

+14 years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, with specialization in technological management and digital transformation. Exo Coach, MBA ©. Director of the Chilean Venture Capital Association.

We are NVIDIA alliance partner, the Artificial Inteligence Industry Leader

Digevo has a strategic alliance with NVIDIA, the World Leader Artificial Inteligence Technology and the second largest AI by market capitalization corporation. Together we are driving AI massification in all industries since 2020.

Digevo AI Factory for applied Artificial Intelligence

Our AI Factory Unit focused on state of the art Artificial Inteligence Business Solutions is responsable to carry out technology integration, AI model development and data science.

What is an AI Factory?
An AI Factory, a term coined by NVIDIA and Harvard Business School (HBS), refers to an organizational and technological model that integrates processes and resources for the systematic production of AI-based solutions.

The opportunity to enter the AI economy is now!